Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Deca Bodega

Tonight, JL and I went to Deca Bodega in Fremantle for our monthly catch up and yes as usual JL chose the venue. It was fairly quiet when we arrived at 7pm on a Monday evening and we were greeted immediately by a friendly waitress who seated us and brought us menus and water.

JL and I decided to order 3 dishes only to start off with so that we can fit in dessert and also because our eyes are always bigger than our stomachs but then I saw the mixed plate which had a couple of the items we wanted to order (fried eggplant with honey and mixed mushrooms) plus more so decided on that instead and hoped that we would have enough room for dessert.

Our order
To share
Mixed Plate / Plato Para Dos (crumbed cauliflower, tomato bread, mixed mushrooms and chipotle, chorizo and olives, fried eggplant and honey) $30

Citrus, Cardamom and Sour Cream Cake $8
Baklava, Nougat Ice Cream $8

Food and presentation - 4/5
Our mixed plate was really good! My favourite items on the mixed plate were the fried eggplant and honey and the crumbed cauliflower, they were both simply delicious. The other components on the plate were also good but were not anything special or impressive as in I've had something similar at other restaurants or it did not require too much skill (e.g. chorizo and olives). The mixed plate ended up being just enough so that we could order dessert. Yay! 
Mixed Plate / Plato Para Dos $30

We settled on the citrus, cardamom and sour cream cake and the baklava. I really liked the cake but found the baklava a bit too sweet for me but not too sweet for baklava although it wasn't the best baklava either. All in all, we were very happy ladies after our meal and a bit too full...
Citrus, Cardamom and Sour Cream Cake $8
Baklava, Nougat Ice Cream $8
Service - 4/5
The waitresses were all very friendly and professional and I could not fault them. We were seated straight away and given menus and water as soon as we were seated. This may be insignificant to other people but when they brought out my green tea which was a very fragrant tea, the waitress just opened the lid and told me to bask in the beautiful fragrance of the tea which isn't something I've experienced from a restaurant before as they usually just dump your drinks in front of you and walk off. I didn't give them 5/5 purely because of my after dining experience. I emailed Deca Bodega to ask them for opening times (as they don't have a website and it doesn't really give specific times on their Facebook page) and said that I had a really great dining experience and will be blogging about them and thanked them for the great food and service and to keep up the great work. Well, one would think that the reply email would at least acknowledge the positive comments but no, I got an email back with just a hi and the opening times and no thank you at all. Am I being nit picky or is it acceptable for restaurants that think or know they're good to be absolute snobs?

Atmosphere and decor - 4.5/5
I really liked the decor of Deca Bodega, it's a fusion of cool with sophistication, however I didn't give them full marks because of the scary downstairs area where the bathrooms are - I didn't like the feel of the downstairs area at all.
Value for money - 4.5/5
Similar pricing to other tapas style restaurants but well worth it. 

Definitely will be back again.

Taste Test Total Score 17/20

Address: 85 Market Street, Fremantle WA 6160
Telephone: (08) 9335 5828
Website: Nil
Reservations: Yes

Opening times
Monday to Friday: 4:30pm - late
Saturday and Sunday: 7:30am - late

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