Sunday, 9 February 2014

Baby Mammoth

So it's Fringe World time of the year again and tonight JL, MK, SS and I are off to see Paco Erhard's '5 Step Guide to Being German' (which by the way was so funny and I highly recommend it) and we can't go on an empty stomach so decided to try out Baby Mammoth which is a relatively new comer to the Northbridge food scene. Baby Mammoth was opened in September 2013 by food lovers Ryan and Tania and serves soul food or as they describe it classical food with a twist. 

I booked a table a couple of days in advance with no issues, JL and I arrived first at 6pm and as it was still early the place was bare which meant go crazy and take photos while you can time (and we did just that). Our waiter introduced himself to us and brought us some water while he did so. JL and I had decided what we wanted to order by the time MK and SS arrived so it was up to them to choose the additional dishes to share.

Our order
Lamb Bobotie Loempia (Pulled lamb spring rolls with aromatics and chutney sauce) $15
Not a Waldorf Salad (Duroc ham, pear, medley of salad greens, walnuts and a blue cheese dressing) $19
Bunny Chow (Lamb curry in a hollowed bread bun served with condiments) $18
Beef Short Ribs (Lightly smoked, monkey gland glazed slow roasted short ribs on pap and snow pea salad) $29

Chocolate Brownie with Mocha Sauce $10
Malva Pudding $10

Food and presentation - 4/5
The food at Baby Mammoth had a South African influence and is something haven't had much of in the past. They take classical dishes like loempia (or spring rolls) and fill it with lamb bobotie and serving it with a chutney sauce - it was different to what I'm used (obviously being Chinese with growing up in Chinese restaurants, I've had my fair share of spring rolls) but it was pretty good and we all enjoyed it. 

Lamb Bobotie Loempia $15
I'm not usually a fan of Waldorf salad but the blue cheese dressing was really tasty and made up for it.

Not a Waldorf Salad $18

The bunny chow was spicy and tasty, my only complaint was that the bread got quite soggy, quite quickly (and yes that is something that is unavoidable...). 

Bunny Chow $18
I loved the beef short ribs, the meat was so tender and tasty and we were assured by the boss that no monkeys were hurt in the making of it. Monkey gland sauce is a very popular BBQ sauce in South Africa.

Beef Short Ribs $29
We ordered just enough food so that we can have dessert. The chocolate brownie was pretty good, nice and chocolaty with a beautiful texture but the Malva pudding which is a very South African dessert stole the limelight. Malva pudding is made with apricot jam and has a spongy texture was pretty amazing and so was the chocolate brownie.

Chocolate Brownie with Mocha Sauce $10

Malva Pudding $10
 Let's just say we were happy little chappies when we left Baby Mammoth.

Service - 4/5
I was really happy with the service at Baby Mammoth, our waiter Christian introduced himself when he brought us over some water as soon as we sat down. This doesn't usually happen even at fine dining restaurants so I was very impressed. Christian also topped up our water at regular intervals and was very polite. Ryan (the boss) who we later had the pleasure to speak to was lovely and gave us a bit of a background on himself and the food. 

Atmosphere and decor - 4/5
Loved the decor, not a big fan of the murals but I guess that comes down to personal taste. It's rustic charm with a funky modern edge. Loved the salt and pepper shakers which were different on each table, I only ended up taking a photo of the pair (billiard balls) on our table. It was empty when we arrived at 6pm but by the time we left at 8pm it was full and there was a nice buzz.

Value for money - 4/5
Satisfied and full for around $25 (food only) is pretty good value especially for dinner!

Will definitely be back, I want to try their brunch/lunch degustation!

Taste Test Total Score - 16/20

Address: 2/305 William St, Northbridge WA 6153
Telephone: (08) 9227 1474
Reservations: Yes

Opening times
Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday to Friday: 12pm - 10pm
Saturday: 10am - 10pm
Sunday: 10am - 3pm

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