Saturday, 14 September 2013

Apple Daily Bar & Eating House

After hubby picked me up from my Friday night drinks with my workmates, we decided to head down to Apple Daily Bar & Eating House.  I've actually not been to Apple Daily before but have heard good things about it and wanted to go there for a taste test.  As you can't book, we thought we'll try our luck, and at 6:30pm we thought the chances of getting a table was quite high.  As usual on a Friday night there was a line to get into Print Hall but I was pretty sure we didn't need to line up to get into Apple Daily so asked one of the security guys and he directed us to the entrance on the left hand side.  We walked up the stairs and as there wasn't any clear signage I just kept walking up the stairs and ended up at Bob's Bar, whoops, but was directed back down one level to Apple Daily by a friendly staff member. 

As we stepped inside we were greeted by a friendly and smiling waitress who took us to our seats and provided us with some menus.  Not long after, our waiter (well, he wasn't allocated to us but he served us most of the time) came and said hi, asked if we have been here before and explained to us that they serve Asian fusion.  I asked him for recommendations and he gave us about five and was actually able to describe the dish to us.  I liked that!  We ended up ordering three of his recommendations the first time round (yes we did have a second round because hubby wasn't full) and just trusted his recommendation on our second round of ordering.

Our order
From the Street Food Snacks Selection
  • Jerry's Oysters, Lime, Nuoc Cham x 4 $16 ($4 each)
  • Pork & Oyster Roll, Prickly Ash $16
  • Saltwater Duck, Spring Onion, Flower Bun, Hoisin $24
From the Bigger Sharings Selection
  • Bang Bang Chicken, Bean Sprout, Vermicelli Noodle Salad $24
  • Mae Roong's Red Curry of Crispy Fried Pork, Pineapple $30

From the Sweets Selection
  • Palm Sugar Custard, Black Rice, Coconut Sago, Campur Fruits $14

Food and presentation - 4.5/5
The food at Apple Daily was delicious, now where should I start?  We ordered all the street food snacks that our lovely waiter recommended and we were happy with all of them.  He did warn us that the oysters were a bit salty but still really good and he was right, the oysters were indeed a little salty but they were plump, fresh and the nuoc cham sauce went well with it.  The pork and oyster roll was really tasty and the saltwater duck was basically Peking duck with buns instead of pancake and that was yummy too.
Jerry's Oysters, Lime, Nuoc Cham $4 each

Pork & Oyster Roll, Prickly Ash $16
Saltwater Duck, Spring Onion, Flower Bun, Hoisin $24
Hubby chose the Bang Bang chicken which was amazing.  The chicken was so tender and the dressing just balanced and perfected the dish.  It wasn't a heavy dish, it was a nice light salad (well, light for us).  After our street food and the Bang Bang chicken, hubby was still hungry so we asked our waiter to recommend another dish.  He recommended the Mae Roong's red curry which was great with the crispy pork and pineapple, although I think it would've been better if the sauce was a bit thicker and more potent because when you have it with rice, you lose a bit of the flavour.
Bang Bang Chicken, Bean Sprout, Vermicelli Noodle Salad $24
Mae Roong's Red Curry of Crispy Fried Pork, Pineapple $30
We were both overly full but I insisted having dessert only because I saw black rice and coconut sago!  The dessert wasn't overly sweet which was good because it meant that my hubby who usually doesn't eat desserts was willing eat it, it wasn't amazing but it was nice finish to a great meal.
Palm Sugar Custard, Black Rice, Coconut Sago, Campur Fruits $14
To be honest when I sat down and was told that they serve Asian fusion, I was a bit wary.  I always find Asian fusion a bit disappointing because the times I've had Asian fusion it was a Western dish with Asian flavours and nine times out of ten, it didn't work for me.  However, at Apple Daily, they actually serve Asian dishes with a Western twist which works so much better!  

Service - 4.5/5
If they didn't forget to bring back our water, I would've given them 5/5.  All the staff that served us were friendly, polite and hipster.  Our waiter in particular was fantastic, friendly, professional, polite and knew his stuff.  The waiters checked in on us at appropriate intervals and our food came out relatively quickly.

Atmosphere - 4.5/5
Love the atmosphere.  You still feel the buzz of Print Hall without being in the crowd.  It was nice sitting upstairs and looking down at the sea of people below getting drinks at the bar and enjoying their Friday night.  There were only the two of us so we didn't get to sit in the booths but they looked nice and comfy.  My only complaint is that it was really quite dark in there, the perfect lighting seems to be hard to achieve, well my perfect lighting anyway because I need to take photos! 

Value for money - 3.5/5
My dad would flip out if he knew how much we were charged for a a few slices of duck and a few buns but I thought it was worth it.

Will definitely be back.

Taste Test Total Score 17/20

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