Thursday, 26 September 2013

Ace Pizza

Tonight was our last chance to catch up before we all go off on holidays.  JL and her hubby are off to Japan, ML and Jae (he is also a JL so to reduce confusion I'm going to refer to him as Jae) are off to Europe and hubby and I are off to the states so we won't see each other until December.  JL and I wanted to try Ace Pizzas so we decided to go there for our catch up dinner but we weren't able to secure a table until 8pm.

The entrance to Ace Pizza is through a sliding door from a side corridor, as hubby and I stepped in we were greeted by waiter E (the waiters were wearing either a A, C or E t-shirt) and a green neon tinge before being shown to our seats.  JL, ML and Jae arrived shortly after and as soon as they sat down, we got down to the important business of deciding what to order. 

Our order
Things from the Kitchen
  • Fried Mac n Cheese $11
  • Chop Chop Beef $14
  • Dad's Lasagna, Beef Tail $22

Ace Pizza

  • Lincoln Lady (San Marzano tomato, mozzarella, black olive, anchovy n very hot salami) $20
  • Baby Blue Eyes (San Marzano tomato, mozzarella, house made sausage, kale n garlic oil) $20
  • Mr Federico (artichoke, garlic, pecorino n rocket) $19


  • Tiramisu donut x 2 $10 ($5 each)

We busied ourselves with exchanging holiday itineraries and general gossip as we soaked up the atmosphere whilst waiting for our food.

Food and presentation - 3.5/5
The food at Ace Pizzas was ace.  The menu was interesting and food arrived fairly quickly.  The fried mac and cheese was not something I've not had before, it was as described, fried macaroni and cheese; it is quite a heavy dish and we found that half a block each was just enough.  The chop chop beef was nice but it was a little on the salty side but apart from that we liked the flavours and the crispy bread.  The lasagna was really quite small but it was so cheesy, you only needed a little bit to try.
Fried Mac and Cheese $11
Chop Chop Beef $14
Dad's Lasagna, Beef Tail $22

On to the pizzas, Mr Ferderico needed some moisture, there wasn't really any sauce and it just felt like eating pizza base with the toppings, it wasn't bad or anything but some sauce to pull it together would have made it better.  We all loved the baby blue eyes and found the kale to be an interesting touch to the pizza.  Lastly, the Lincoln lady, let's just say when they say very hot salami - they mean it.  I actually liked the pizza but after a couple of bits my tongue and mouth were burning!  Apart from my hubby, we all thought it was way too hot to the point where you can't really taste the next dish.
Mr Federico $19

Baby Blue Eyes $20
Lincoln Lady $20
We were all pretty full but girls being girls, we couldn't resist dessert so we ordered a couple of tiramisu donuts to share, it was yummy but would've been better served warm.
Tiramisu Donuts $5 each
Service - 4/5
First things first, the wait staff were fantastic at replacing our empty water bottles with a full and chilled one!  You know me and automatic water refills, bonus points!  The wait staff were all helpful and friendly but we found it a bit hard to grab their attention at times.

Atmosphere - 4.5/5
I love the atmosphere at Ace Pizza albeit the lighting being a little dim. We were sat in a booth which was comfy and good looking (well from what I can gather in the dark it was good looking).  I loved the lady on the wall and the green neon lights.  It's definitely much classier than your average pizza bar without being pretentious.

Value for money - 4/5
Price is comparable to other places but I gave them extra points for imagination, quality of ingredients, the comfy seats and atmosphere, all of which I think, makes it great value.

More pizza? Yes please! 

Taste Test Total Score 16/20

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