Sunday, 18 August 2013


Today I took my mum out for lunch at Greenhouse before we do some shopping in the city.  I've been to Greenhouse a few times before and the food has been quite good, although the service a bit inconsistent.  I thought it'll be nice to take mum to eat something other than Asian food. 

We arrived at around 11:30am and were quickly shown to a seat at the back of the restaurant, away from the main bar area.  The waitress told us the specials, gave us menus and asked if we wanted tap or sparkling water as we sat down - bonus points.  Unfortunately when we wanted to order, it took a bit of effort to get someone to take our order.  Mum and I decided to order the pizza and pasta special because it sounded pretty good.

Our order
  • Rock oysters, lime x 4 $14 ($3.5 each)
  • Beef ragu fettucine $24
  • Pumpkin and blue cheese pizza $16

Mum and I enjoyed the surroundings and each other's company while we waited for our food to arrive.  It's been a while since our last mother and daughter date.

Food and presentation - 3.25/5
Our oysters arrived first, they were fresh and plump enough but didn't have much taste.  I love oysters and these were a little disappointing, plus it wasn't served with lime as described. 
Rock oysters, lime $3.50 each
Both mum and I really liked the texture of the pizza and pasta which was homemade using stone ground whole wheat but the flavours that accompanied the pizza and pasta were nothing special or lacking.  The pizza would've been better if the pumpkin was roasted or done a bit differently.  The beef ragu was nice but nothing special. 

Beef ragu fettucine $24
Pumpkin and blue cheese pizza $16
Service - 2.5/5
I don't know what it is with Greenhouse during the day but service always seems to be a bit lacking.  The wait staff were friendly enough but it's so hard to get hold of one or when you get the attention of one, they always tell you to wait.  They weren't even busy which adds to the annoyance.  

Atmosphere - 4/5
Love the atmosphere and décor - always have.  They've got different art work up from last time I was there maybe 6 months or so ago.  Love the little 'jar' plants on the tables.

Value for money - 3.25/5
Greenhouse uses fresh, quality ingredients although I found that the flavours this time round weren't to my satisfaction but it's not bad value for lunch at a funky venue.

Will return for another meal sometime but not rushing back.

Taste Test Total Score 13/20

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