Saturday, 10 August 2013

Chez Pierre

Tonight we say goodbye and good luck to TW as she embarks on her journey of discovery in Europe.  Our group is shrinking in size this year, first it was RL and now TW, I wonder who is next...

TW chose Chez Pierre for her farewell dinner as they offer a set menu for $58.50 per person.  This is always good for us when we have a big group dinner and also because we are usually indecisive.  The set menu is as is so there aren't different options for any of the courses but they do cater for those with dietary requirements or pregnancy.  None of us have any dietary requirements but SL who is pregnant was unable to have smoked salmon so they asked her if French onion soup was a suitable replacement (and it was).

Our menu (Ile de France)
  • Amuse Bouche - Pumpkin Soup
  • Saumon Fume (Fresh Smoked Salmon served with capers, olive oil, red onions, sour cream and mixed leaves) - Soup a l'oignon (French Onion Soup, served with a gruyere crouton)
  • Sorbet - Lemon Sorbet with Blackcurrant Liqueur
  • Agneau Roti (Roasted tender Amelia Park Rump of Lamb served with pomme puree, sautéed mushrooms and a red wine sauce)
  • Profiteroles (Choux Pastry filled with vanilla ice-cream finished with a hot chocolate sauce)

Food and presentation - 4/5
What can I say?  The food at Chez Pierre was great!  It's fine French dining, although the dishes are nothing new and exciting, they were nearly all perfectly executed.  Even FH and I, the complainers of the group, didn't have any complaints until dessert. 

We were first presented with a complimentary canapé which was a pate of some sort on crispy bread, it was good and we hoped that this set the minimum standard for the rest of the meal.  We were also brought some warm bread to start off with (I love warm bread!) which was complimentary, tasted great and was never ending (they kept asking if we wanted more bread each time we finished a basket!). 
Complimentary canape
Compliementary bread
The amuse bouche tonight was a pumpkin soup which was really quite yummy, so yummy I wanted more.  Our entrées arrived next, the smoked salmon was really nice but SL who had the French onion soup instead found it a bit too spicy for her. 
Amuse bouche - Pumpkin Soup
Saumon Fume
Soup a l'oignon
After entrée, we were given a rest and then served some lemon sorbet with blackcurrant liqueur as a palate cleanser, unfortunately for SL she wasn't allowed the liqueur. 
Sorbet - Lemon Sorbet with Blackcurrant Liqueur
Our main was the lamb and it was cooked to perfection, everything on the plate complemented each other, we were all very happy except maybe SL who had to have her lamb well done.

Agneau Roti
We were all pretty satisfied at this point and had another rest before dessert was served.  Now don't get me wrong, dessert wasn't bad but it was just too sweet for us.  We have a few sweet lovers amongst us and even they thought it was too sweet.  I think it would've been better if the profiteroles were filled with ice cream that is less sweet because the chocolate sauce was also incredibly sweet.  Overall, we were all happy with our dinner at Chez Pierre. 
Service - 4.5/5
The service was wonderful.  Where should I start?  First of all they have someone that greets you at the door and takes you to the maître d' who then takes you to your seat.  The wait staff were professional, friendly and polite.  They laid our napkins on our laps for us and rolled our napkins and placed on it the table whenever we left our seats.  Considering it's a fine dining restaurant they welcome kids.  SL was going to bring her 2 year old daughter along so there was a high chair at the table in preparation.  She didn't end up bringing her little girl and the boss lady (well we think she is) asked why she didn't bring the baby and that she was looking forward to seeing the baby.  How many fine dining restaurants will actually welcome babies?  Family friendly, bonus points!

Atmosphere - 4.5/5
The décor at Chez Pierre exudes class and sophistication.  Although a fine dining restaurant, it didn't have that pretentious feel to it; it actually felt quite homely.  Chez Pierre was slightly noisy due to the volume of people, both in number and sound but apart from that no complaints.  I love the two teddy bears!
Value for money - 5/5
We all thought the set menu was really good value.  For $58.50 per person there was ample food for even my hubby who is usually still hungry after fine dining.

Will happily return for another meal.

Taste Test Total Score 18/20

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