Sunday, 28 July 2013

Rochelle Adonis Cakes + Confectionary

High tea on a Saturday morning, what a great way to start the weekend albeit 10am is not the usual time for high tea.  It was a pretty dreary Saturday morning actually, as it was grey and rainy but going to Rochelle Adonis Cakes + Confectionary with DT made up for the weather.  I haven't been to the Highgate shop before, only the Northbridge one and I remember how snobby the staff were but I have to say she does serve a fantastic high tea.  I just hoped that the service would be better this time round but with the same tasty high tea.

As we approached the new Rochelle Adonis, I was already excited.  The new venue is situated on Beaufort St in Highgate, opposite the St Albans Church in a beautiful older style house.  As we stepped inside, I fell in love with the high ceilings, wooden floor boards and the beautiful décor.  We were seated quickly on one of the two tables.  We shared a table with three other ladies and we exchanged greetings as we settled into our seats.

There was no food menu so DT and I didn't know what we were going to be served.  The only menu on the table was a drinks menu showcasing the range of drinks that they have available (tea, coffee, hot chocolate).  We had to catch the attention of a wait staff to take our drinks order. 

Our menu
Yorkshire pudding, chive and onion mascarpone, beetroot and asparagus
Salmon Ma Hor, grapefruit Nam Jim, shallots and chilli
Parmesan custard, tomato gel, parsley crisps and lavosh
Chestnut soup, porcini foam
Cucumber and dill aioli sandwich

Tutti Frutti Sorbet
Rochelle Adonis Sundae
Lemon Meringue Tart
Tiramisu Truffle
Berry Galetts

Parisian Rose "Wedding Tea" (fragrant black tea infused with delicate rose petals)
French press coffee
Jasmine Green Tea "Imperial China" (exquisite green tea with jasmine blossoms) x 2

For $49 per person, you receive two pots of either, tea from their gorgeous range or French press coffee with your high tea.  I started with the Parisian Rose which was a beautiful fragrant tea which can be had with or without milk and DT was happy with her plunger of French press coffee.  We chatted away and took photos for the ladies on our table (they took a couple for us too), as we waited for our food.

Food and presentation - 4/5
Wait for it...I think Rochelle Adonis serves the best high tea in Perth, yes I did just say that.  At this point in time, I haven't had better food at other places that serve high tea.  Although they don't present their high tea in the traditional tiered stands, they do serve their high tea on beautiful glassware in two separate courses - savoury then sweet with a palate cleanser inbetween.  I didn't give them a 5/5 because it isn't the best high tea I've ever had and also I did miss my scones.  The highlight of the savoury plate was the chestnut soup and the parmesan custard.  I was pretty happy with everything else as well - the bread on the cucumber sandwiches wasn't stale (weird thing to mention but I have been served stale sandwiches at high tea before), I couldn't really taste the salmon in the salmon ma hor but it was still tasty.  My only complaint was that my Yorkshire pudding was not crispy. 
Savoury course
Cucumber and dill aioli sandwich
DT and I were both really happy with the savoury course and I was looking forward to the sweets to arrive, DT not so much, because she's a savoury girl.  Before our sweets arrive, we were presented with the tutti frutti sorbet to cleanse our palette.  DT found it a bit too sweet but I didn't mind it. 
Tutti frutti sorbet
I had no complaints with the sweet course, it was all delicious with my favourites being the berry galetts and the Rochelle Adonis sundae.  It was a taste of heaven on a plate.
Sweet course
Sweets for sale
Service - 3.5/5
The service has improved dramatically since my last visit, which was at the Northbridge store a couple of years ago.  The wait staff here were friendly (not snobby) and polite.  Our waiter was French and he was really good but unfortunately sometimes we didn't understand what he said and therefore didn't really know exactly what we were eating and he was a bit forgetful so sometimes we were missing a cup or a plate when we needed it but apart from that he was pretty good.  However, I do have two complaints: the first being that we had to ask for someone to take our drinks order on both occasions which was a bit of a let down.  Considering you get two pots of tea or coffee, they should just come at appropriate times to take our order, we weren't inpatient either, we actually waited a while hoping someone will take our order but they didn't.  My second complaint pertains to the amount of effort it took me to get a copy of the high tea menu for the day.  The menu changes daily and they don't provide you with the day's menu and we had a bit of trouble understanding our waiter so it would have been hard for me to blog so I asked for the menu and made it quite clear that I would be blogging.  I first asked one of the waitresses who said she will write it out for me but towards the end of the high tea I still hadn't got it yet so I asked her again and she said she will get it to me, however when I asked her again on our way out (she was setting up for the next seating), she asked me to ask the staff member who was at the cash register.  There was a long line of people paying (we had already paid) so we had to wait a good 10-15 minutes before I managed to ask that staff member who took down my email address and said she'll email me.  I waited for about 4-5 days but still didn't get the email, so I had to ask for it again when I rang up to book my next visit.  They were my only two niggles which is a vast improvement to the niggles I had last time.

Atmosphere - 4.5/5
I loved the atmosphere and décor at Rochelle Adonis.  It's pretty, it's classy, it's vintage - everything I love.  The mismatched silverware, the beautiful tea cups and saucers, the pretty glass water jugs/bottles, the beautiful light, the wooden floors - it just all makes for a great setting for a girly high tea.

I wouldn't recommend it if you plan to have a private discussion with your girlfriends as you will be sharing a table with other high tea-ers, unless you have enough people to fill up one whole table.  Otherwise it was nice to have a bit of interaction with other patrons who are also there to enjoy the experience.  I would like to see them upgrade their tea pots though, conithey have such beautiful plates, tea cups and saucers, their tea pot was more than ordinary. 
Value for money - 4/5
High tea at Rochelle Adonis is more expensive than other high teas in Perth (you would usually get at least a glass of bubblies for $49 per person) but I do think it is worth it.

It's my favourite high tea venue at the moment and I've already booked my next visit.

Taste Test Total Score 16/20

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