Saturday, 20 July 2013

Pure Bar

After our Friday night drinks, a few of us decided to have dinner before we head off to our other Friday night activities, or non-activities in my case.  As there wasn't too much choice around the area, we headed down to Pure Bar where I've been a couple of times before for lunch.  However, I've never had dinner there before so I didn't know what to expect, but if the quality was as good as lunch, I'd be happy.

We were quickly shown to a table, well, I should say we were quickly asked to choose a table.  They hardly had anyone there at 6:30pm so we were allowed to sit anywhere we liked.  Our waiter gave us one menu to share between the six of us which I thought was a bit strange and I had to ask him for extra menus (he gave us two more).

It took us a good 15 to 20 minutes to decide what to order, probably because we had to share menus.  EH and I wanted tapas so decided to order a few things to share, while SC, JF and YH decided to go for the pasta special.  CH was the most original of the bunch and ordered something else.

Our order
Moi & EH
  • Feta Tempura with rocket and plum sauce $10
  • Pumpkin, Sage & Goat's Cheese Arancini Balls with tomato relish $12
  • Prawn Cutlets sautéed in chilli, garlic & white wine $14
  • Tokyo Chicken with lime & chilli aioli $14
Creamy Scallop & Chorizo Linguine x 3 $60 ($20 each)

Fish & Chips (tempura battered fish fillets with garden salad, lemon tartare sauce and fries) $20

Food & presentation - 3/5
Dinner at Pure Bar was quite ordinary which was a shame considering it was quite good when I've been there for lunch.  It wasn't bad it was just "meh" as SC rightfully described.  CH said her fish and chips was ordinary, however I was impressed with the serving size.  SC, JF and YH's pasta was very bland and again really nothing to rave about.  Now, to the tapas.  The Tokyo chicken and the arancini balls were not bad, the arancini balls could do with a little bit more flavour but overall it was okay.  The prawn cutlets were drenched in oil and it was too sweet, not seafood sweet, sugar sweet.  Lastly, I just found the fried feta weird, I'm not sure what feta they used but it just didn't quite work.  I've had really nice fried cheese before and this one wasn't joining the list.  Overall a very unexciting meal.  Thank goodness for the great company!
Tokyo Chicken $14
Feta Tempura $10
Prawn Cutlets $14
Pumpkin, Sage & Goat's Cheese Arancini Balls $12
Creamy Scallop & Chorizo Linguine $20
Fish & Chips $20
Service - 3/5
Weird, I think, is the best word to describe our waiter.  He didn't seem to know what he was doing and he was a bit slow with bringing water and menus or lack of menus.  However, the staff were polite and friendly enough so not much complaints here.

Atmosphere - 3/5
It was pretty quiet at Pure Bar tonight and there wasn't much of an atmosphere.  Apart from the bursts of light from the lanterns in the corners of the restaurant, it was pretty dark.  I'm not sure what style they are trying to go for at Pure Bar, it was confusing - the tables at the back with the black curtains and lanterns looked more like a fine dining restaurant set up, where we sat was more casual and it was only a step down and then there was the bar which just gave me a confused vibe.  Was it casual or fine dining?  We all felt that they needed to do something with their bare, white walls and definitely wouldn't classify them as fine and contemporary dining.
Value for money - 3/5
Not bad especially after the Entertainment card discount but would be better if the food was better quality.

Probably won't be back for dinner anytime soon but will return for lunch.

Taste Test Total Score 12/20

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