Thursday, 25 July 2013

CoCo's Rant

Sticky Date & Macadamia Bombe Alaska $19
I wasn't going to blog about CoCo's but I was so appalled by their service that I had to have a rant!  To be honest I have never rated CoCo's very high, purely based on the fact that they are pretentious at best and the food ain't that great - tonight was no different, the only difference was the level of rudeness.

After our ordinary dinner at Ciao Italia, we decided to have dessert elsewhere, so we headed down to CoCo's because it was close by and there wasn't much other choice.  When we arrived at the entrance, a man who we thought was the manager looked at us from the inside as we signalled to him from the outside that we have four people.  He didn't even have the courtesy to come out and greet us.

There was a table of about 15-20 people right next to us at the entrance so we didn't hear if he actually said anything to us.  A younger male waiter took us to our table and as we sat down I asked him if it was okay for us to just have dessert and drinks.  He then said to us the other man asked if you were here for dinner to which I replied we didn't hear him.  He again insisted in a not so polite tone that he definitely did ask to which I replied again, we didn't hear him.  Dude, if I heard him do you think I would be asking this question.  At least I asked!

After this conversation, he took the napkins that he laid on our laps away from us and gave us a stern lecture about how we should call up if we want to just have dessert and that they will have to turn other customers away.  Really now? (1) It was 6pm on a Wednesday evening, (2) they were NOWHERE near full and (3) when we left at 7pm it was still not full.  To be fair, I understand that it was dinner time and really who comes in for dessert at 6pm but it was not what he said, it was how he said it.  If he told us the same information in a decent and polite manner, we would've been quite happy.  

I guess we could have just left but we wanted dessert and we weren't going to be intimidated by his lecture.  He was probably trying to get rid of us by speaking to us with such impudence.  So we ordered three pretty expensive desserts and only one of them was good, the rest were not good at all (we also ordered the Crème Caramel which was weird and didn't go well with pineapple and the Hot Chocolate Pudding which was so sickly sweet we couldn't eat it).  I only took a photo of the good dessert, the Sticky Date & Macadamia Bombe Alaska. Yes I must admit that it was pretty awesome (I'm not going to discount that it was good just because their service was bad), but just remember that the photo was taken with anger and eaten with much whinging.  The wait staff tried to clear our plates as quickly as possible to get us out.  We also had to ask for our napkins back as we were eating after all and needed napkins.  I seriously can't believe that he took away our napkins which we already had on our laps, not sure if he was planning to reuse them...what if I had a dirty lap? 

Definitely won't be back for anything.  It never ceases to amaze me how we can have restaurants that offer such bad service and mediocre food but still survive.  I don't think they can afford to be so arrogant with a 54% rating on Urbanspoon and so many superior restaurants opening up in Perth that offer fantastic service, great food at better prices and a more trendy and imaginative menu. 

There, I'm done! 

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