Sunday, 9 June 2013

Blu Grill

Catch up time with JL, JC, LY and JO tonight and as usual JL chose the restaurant, which conveniently for me, is listed in the Entertainment Book.  I actually had no idea this restaurant existed but JL chose it because she knows my hubby loves steak and wanted to try somewhere new.

Although Blu Grill is listed in the 'Fine and Contemporary Dining' section of the Entertainment Book, when I arrived it gave me more of a feeling of a casual dining restaurant trying to be something it wasn't.  The restaurant was too brightly lit and decorated with artwork from IKEA (not that that's a problem, I just happened to be at IKEA earlier today and saw the exact same pieces).  They do have a bar and a large selection of wines which is displayed outside the fish bowl (I know that's not the right term but you know what I mean) kitchen.
We caught the attention of our waiter not long after we were seated as it didn't take very long to decide on our order, eventhough they had a vast array of dishes to choose from.

Our order
Moi & hubby
  • Eye Fillet 250g with Wild Mushroom and Blue Cheese Sauce $36
  • Rib Eye on the bone 400g with Roast Garlic Pepper Corn Sauce $38
  • Chocolate Trio (Chocolate fondant, white chocolate mousse and chocolate ice cream, served with ganache) $16

  • Seafood Trio (Bloody Mary oyster, salmon tartare served with lavosh, chickpea battered soft shell crab, served with a mixed sprout salad) $16
  • Beef Trio (Slow braised beef cheek, blu style beef tartare and beef pate spiral served with a mixed salad and Szechuan pepper) $14
  • Grilled Herb Lamb Cutlets (Grilled lamb cutlets marinated in olive oil and mixed herbs, served on buttered bok choy, roast courgettes, capsicum puree, poached garlic, blanched asparagus and rosemary sauce) $30
  • Crème Brulee with a Twist (Crème brulee delicately infused with selected Indian spices.  Served with mango sorbet, mixed berry coulis and white chocolate and saffron coated cherries) $16

  • Vish's Blu Pork (Rib eye stuffed with sage, Swiss cheese and five spice, wrapped in Parma ham and then encased with puff pastry.  Served with butternut mash, lyonnaise potato, sautéed bok choy, creamed polenta with beetroot puree and garlic cream) $32
  • Eye Fillet 250g with Roast Garlic Pepper Corn Sauce $36
  • Crème Brulee with a Twist (Crème brulee delicately infused with selected Indian spices.  Served with mango sorbet, mixed berry coulis and white chocolate and saffron coated cherries) $16

To share
  • Truffle mash (Creamy mash potato infused with truffle oil) $8
  • Broccolini and asparagus (Blanched, then sautéed with butter and thyme scented onions) $8

Before our food arrived, we were asked to choose our weapon which was quite novel.

Food and presentation - 3/5
The food at Blu Grill was okay.  Our steaks were cooked perfectly but I've had better quality and better tasting steaks elsewhere.  The sauces we ordered were nice but nothing really to rave about.  My dessert which was the chocolate trio was disappointing, the chocolate fondant wasn't even cooked properly; the pudding hadn't formed yet so it was just runny but the other components were not bad.

JL said the beef trio was average but enjoyed the seafood trio and her hubby, JC enjoyed his lamb cutlets.  LY and JO enjoyed their mains; LY commented that Vish's blu pork was really good.  However, their crème brulee was nothing special.

Eye fillet 250g with wild mushroom and blue cheese sauce $36
Rib eye on the bone 400g with roasted garlic pepper corn sauce $38
Beef trio $14
Seafood trio $16
Grilled herbed lamb cutlets $32
Vish's Blu Pork $32
Truffle mash $8
Broccolini and asparagus $8
Chocolate trio $16
Crème brulee with a twist $16
Service - 3.5/5
Our waiter was a newbie, it was his first day of work at Blu Grill; he was friendly, polite and professional which was good.  Unfortunately, there were a few hiccups so couldn't justify giving them a higher score.  Firstly, JL ordered two entrees to have as mains and told the waiter this, however one entree came out first as an entree.  None of us actually ordered entrees which made it quite awkward for JL as we all watched her eat.  Our mains and JL's other entree didn't arrive until an hour or so later and only when the mains arrived did our waiter inform us that they were short staffed in the kitchen.  Luckily, we weren't that hungry but would've appreciated that piece of information a bit earlier.

Atmosphere - 3/5
There was no atmosphere at the Blu Grill.  The lights were too bright, the outdoor setting didn't match the indoor setting.  It just seems like they are trying to be a fine/contemporary dining restaurant when they just seemed more like a family/casual dining restaurant.  It's a good place for a catch up with friends but definitely not for a romantic dinner.  We saw a couple who were quite dressed up having dinner and they just didn't fit the scene as most people were quite casually dressed.

Value for money - 2.5/5
It's not expensive but for what you get I don't think it's worth it.  I've had better steak and dessert at a much nicer setting for the same price. 

Won't be rushing back but won't object if asked to go back for another meal (will probably suggest an alternative first...).

Taste Test Total Score 12/20

Blu Grill on UrbanspoonEntertainment Book 2013/2014 Information
Section A - Fine and Contemporary Dining
Page - A51
Offer - 25% off the total bill up to $45 value