Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Merrywell

First things first, I just want to tell you that there are not many photos in this blog entry because I didn't want to look too uncool at a pub full of people on a Friday evening, so I apologise for this but one needs to keep up one's image, right?  Maybe?  Anyway...

Tonight, LT and I had a date to see Jersey Boys (it was awesome, go see it!) and we wanted to grab something to eat beforehand.  We thought we'll try our luck at The Merrywell first before venturing off to the other eateries at the Crown Entertainment Complex.  It was packed at The Merrywell, but it was our lucky night because we found a free table!  We were not really hungry but we knew if we didn't eat now, we'll be really hungry during the show.  The lovely LT wanted to order everything on the menu as usual but we managed to limit that to three dishes only.

Our order
The Merrywell Chips - Crisp Ripped Potatoes, Bacon Aioli $15
Quesa Fun-dido - Mexican Cheese Fondue, Chorizo, Pico de Gallo, Pretzel $19
Wagyu Mini Beef Burgers (3pc) - White Cheddar, BBQ caramelised Oinions, B&B Pickles $22

Strawberry Daiquiri x 2 $38 ($19 each)

The strawberry daiquiri was definitely not the best I've had, but I liked that it was served in a jar which is quite different.

Food and presentation - 3/5
If you're looking for dainty food, you're at the wrong place.  The Merrywell serves pub grub, upmarket pub grub at that.  LT and I ordered from the 'Share Plate' section as sharing is caring and we were not hungry enough to order mains.  I've had the chips before and it is quite yummy, especially with the bacon aioli.  The Wagyu beef burgers were pretty good as well but the cheese fondue was pretty ordinary and very, very oily.  The description of the cheese fondue was also quite misleading because we expected it to come with chorizo, pico de gallo and pretzels on the side not mixed in with the cheese.  I do like the cute presentation of their food but found everything very oily, therefore very filling and it made me a little bit sick so I've taken points off for this.

The Merrywell Chips $15
Quesa Fun-dido $19
Wagyu Mini Beef Burgers $22
Strawberry Daiquiri $19
Service - 3.5/5
You don't really get service at The Merrywell, you place your order at the bar but they do bring out your food.  They asked us whether we were going to a show when we ordered our food, and we think for this reason, our order arrived quite quickly.  One of the dishes was wrong but that was rectified quickly.  The staff were polite but not really friendly, well, they were too busy to try. 

Atmosphere - 4/5
The Merrywell is always buzzing and has a diverse crowd which is quite refreshing because most of the time when you go out for a drink, the pub/bar is filled with the same type of people who are around the same age group with a few outliers here and there.  Here, the crowd ranges from those dressed up for a night out to family gatherings to those grabbing a bite before they go back to the casino for their second, third, fourth or fifth time that day.  I like the décor, it doesn't try too hard to be upmarket but enough to tell you that they are not your neighbourhood pub.

Value for money - 2.5/5
Expensive for what you get, I'm not going to gloss over that.  I think $15 for a handful of chips and aioli is a bit too much.  You're paying premium prices because you're dining at The Merrywell in Crown Entertainment Complex.

This was my third time at The Merrywell so yes I guess I will be back for more premium priced chips.

Taste Test Total Score 13/20

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