Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Classroom

Yay! It's finally time for my monthly date with JL and yes, of course she chose the venue.  I've wanted to check out The Classroom for a while but it's a bit out of the way and there's not much to do around there.  Nevertheless we finally made it and we were pretty excited.

As we stepped inside, we were faced with a bar and wooden tables and chairs resembling those from primary schools past.  It was very different.  As I was taking it all in,  I wondered whether we (or should I say 'I') would fit in those chairs as they looked quite small.  Luckily, we fit and nothing was broken.

The menus were files covered with a variety of patterned contact paper, another reminder of primary school when you covered any book or file with that weird and wonderful sticky plastic.  I hated getting bubbles when I covered my books!  Yes, nerd alert...

JL and I decided to order three dishes only because we usually order too much and can't fit in dessert, so this time we had to make sure we have enough room for dessert.  As soon as we decided, I went to order our food from the 'teachers' (that's what they call their bar/wait staff) at the bar.

Our order
Three fried mice - stuffed jalapenos, coriander, aioli, salted lime rim $10
Zucchini fritters, cucumber and feta whip $14
Atlantic salmon, lightly cured, served in a smoking jar with scattered potato salad $17

Coconut panna cotta, fresh mango and cardamom tuile $12

I was handed a beeper and told to pick up our order at the canteen when the beeper 'beeps'.

Food and presentation - 3.5/5
The food at The Classroom is quite nice but nothing spectacular and I didn't have a stand out dish.  However, I really liked the presentation of their dishes especially the salmon in the jar.

Three fried mice $10
Zucchini fritters, cucumber and feta whip $14
Atlantic salmon, lightly cured, served in a smoking jar with scattered potato salad $17
Coconut panna cotta, fresh mango and cardamom tuile $12

Service - 3/5
It's mostly self serve here, you order at the bar with the 'teachers' and pick up your order at the 'canteen.'  They did bring out our drinks though.  The staff although not overly friendly were polite enough, they all acted as if they were too cool for school...

Atmosphere - 4/5
Love the old school décor, reminds me of my primary school days. School bags lining the wall, children's drawings, a netball hoop and contact covered menu folders are just a small example of what you will find at The Classroom.

My only complaint was that the tables were really small and the chairs became uncomfortable after a while, but it's not enough to deter me from coming back.  

Value for money - 3.5/5
Prices are comparable to similar style restaurants, but they don't have the novelty aspect like The Classroom.

Happy to come back for another meal, for drinks or a dose of nostalgia.

Taste Test Total Score 14/20

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