Saturday, 5 January 2013

Spicy Affair

Happy new year!

First of all, sorry for not blogging since August and second of all, my new year's resolution is to update my blog regularly, so please keep visiting.  Now for my first blog entry for 2013...

So, tonight was my first date night with hubby in 2013, I had worked all day (yes, on a Saturday!), I didn't feel like dressing up and didn't want to go far so thanks to  Urbanspoon I found an Indian place we had not been to before in Victoria Park.  They have a rating of 90% so I had expectations...

I rang up to book a table about half an hour before our planned arrival, I had no problems booking a table for 2 at 7pm on a Saturday night (wasn't sure if that was a good sign or whether we were just lucky).  Spicy Affair is located in the busy cafe strip of Victoria Park and there was no one inside the restaurant when we arrived - hubby asked me if I wanted to go somewhere else but I decided to brave it!

We went in and was greeted by a friendly (and happy!) waitress who showed us to our table and immediately gave us menus, a bottle of water, glasses and papadums.  A good sign.  The items on offer is typical of most Indian restaurants which means nothing exciting but I felt like being boring anyway.

Our order
Butter Chicken $18.50
Lamb Korma $18.50
Garlic Naan $3.50
Steamed Basmati Rice $4.50
Mango Lassi $4.90

Food & presentation - 3/5
Sadly, the food was pretty average.  I've had better butter chicken and lamb korma before plus the garlic naan was a bit oily but at least it wasn't charred...

Service - 4/5
For a small, casual dining restaurant I was impressed with their service.  The waitresses were both friendly, polite and actually asked us how our meal was.

Atmosphere - 3/5
Did it feel like an Indian restaurant, yes I suppose so.  The decor was simple but good enough for a casual dining restaurant.  Not really much of a buzz but it seems like a hangout spot for couples because all the people that came in after us were couples...

Value for money - 3.5/5
To be honest, I haven't had Indian for a while so I can't really compare prices but it is a little overpriced for what I consider as casual dining.

I will probably only go back if I was really craving Indian food close to home and had no better option.

Taste Test Final Score 13.5/20
Spicy Affair on Urbanspoon