Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Rockpool Bar & Grill

Tel: 6252 1900
Website: http://www.rockpool.com/rockpool-bar-and-grill-perth/

It was our one year wedding anniversary on Monday night and hubby booked Rockpool Bar & Grill for dinner.  I was excited because I had been before with some girlfriends, and the food and service was excellent that time.

A beautiful, long, candlelit corridor awaits when you open the doors to Rockpool.  As you venture further down the corridor towards the restaurant, you will see behind the glass windows their wine storage and their uncooked, aging steak hanging up in the cool room.  Once you reach the end of the corridor and into the actual restaurant, you'll find a bar on one side and a large, clean open kitchen on the other.  The staff at the counter were very professional although not very warm.

The waitress guided us to our table and a bunch of carnations was waiting on the table.  However, hubby wasn't too happy because it was meant to arrive half an hour later and the reasoning...well, he pulled out a piece of white paper and 3 x cotton make up pads from his pants pocket, gave them to me and said "Happy one year anniversary!"  Umm...??

Let's side track for a bit...here's a lesson for all you newly weds out there who are coming up to their first year wedding anniversary (<< click on it).  According to Wikipedia, first year wedding anniversary gifts are paper (traditional U.S.), cotton (traditional U.K.), clocks (modern U.S.) and carnations but that doesn't mean you actually give your partner a piece of paper and cotton make up pads for their anniversary (as our friends pointed out to my hubby on Facebook).  If you are planning to follow these traditions, you're supposed to get your partner something made out of paper or cotton depending which tradition you wish to follow.  However, because we are Chinese, hubby did not get me a clock as well because it implies death but that's a whole new lesson...now back to Rockpool. 

Our waitress was a very polite and friendly lady who was attentive to our needs, she suggested taking the flowers for safe keeping because there won't be enough room for food.  We were asked whether we would like sparkling, still or tap water on arrival which was expected as this is a fine dining restaurant and our water was topped up periodically throughout the night (yay!).  There is such a large selection on offer at Rockpool so it took a bit of time to decide what to order.  I decided to try their famous steak because I had pasta on my last visit.

Our order:
Moi - Rockpool slipper (Ketel One Vodka, Cointreau, Green Chartreuse, fresh lemon and fresh honey dew juice) $19
Hubby - Lemon, lime bitter $6
Entrees to share
Four raw tastes of the sea $29
Live vongole clams steamed with serrano ham, white wine and flageolet beans $30
Moi - Rangers Valley Dry Aged 300 Day Grain Fed Fillet 250g (medium) $69
Hubby - Cape Grim Dry Aged 36 Month Old Grass Fed T-bone 450g 43 days (medium-rare) $49
Sides to share
Royal blue potatoes sauteed in wagyu fat with rosemary and garlic $10
Wood fired grilled broccolini $18
Mango sorbet with yoghurt cream brandy snaps $12
Green tea $7.50

Food and presentation - 4/5
We were offered some bread before entrees came out - the bread wasn't warm and the edges were a bit hard, the butter was nice though! My cocktail was very nice - a bit sour and a bit sweet - just how I like my cocktails.  Our entrees came out and were delicious.  The four raw tastes of the sea was four different types of raw fish topped or mixed with different flavours - the fish was very fresh and the combination of flavours was just amazing.  The clams came out served in a little bit of broth, steamed to perfection (i.e. no unopened clams and not overcooked!), only complaint was it was a little bit on the salty side but apart from that it was delicious.
Four raw tastes of the sea $29
Live vongole clams steamed with serrano ham, white wine and flageolet beans $30
The steaks were cooked exactly how we ordered and I liked the chargrilled flavours.  Hubby's steak was still moo-ing at him but it didn't bleed which he found fascinating.  The steaks don't come with anything on the plate except for a wedge of lemon (sorry the photos are not that great due to lighting).  A gravy jug of bearnaise sauce accompanied the steak and our waitress came with some mustard, barbeque sauce, harissa and horseradish cream which she spooned onto our plate when requested.  The broccolini and potatoes which we ordered for sides were very tasty.
T-bone 450g (medium-rare) $49

Fillet 250g (medium) $69
Royal blue potatoes sauteed in wagyu fat with rosemary and garlic $12
Wood fired grilled broccolini $18

 I was way too full for dessert so I ordered a green tea... but then our waitress gave us the dessert menu.  Hubby doesn't have a sweet tooth at all so it was just me taking on the task of choosing and eating dessert.  All the desserts and cheese on the menu were enticing and if I could fit them all in I would, but I just ordered mango sorbet because that was the only item on the menu which I would be able to finish (and I struggled!). 

Green tea $7.50
Mango sorbet with yoghurt filled brandy snaps $12
Service - 4.5/5
Our waitress was very polite, friendly and attentive so she earned most of the points.  They didn't get 5/5 because of the lack of warmth on arrival and our drinks waiter was a bit abrupt.

Atmosphere - 4.5/5
Rockpool is massive! I felt that I was in a glamorous food hall rather than a fine dining establishment because the fine dining restaurants I've been to before are smaller and cosier.  Saying that it was not noisy, the tables were spaced out enough for privacy and the setting felt nice.  I guess being located inside a hotel they need to be able to cater for their guests and I'm so glad Burswood decided to glam up their previously tired selection of restaurants! 

Value for money - 4/5
Fresh, tasty, good quality food.  You get what you pay for (well, for what we ordered).  I don't know if the $119 Wagyu sirloin steak is worth the price - anyone able to comment? 

Will definitely be back.

Taste Test Total Score 17/20

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