Sunday, 5 February 2012


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9:30am on this beautiful Saturday morning my breakfast crew arrives at Atomic Cafe, and it's packed!  I've been here on a previous occasion and it was okay so didn't mind returning for a second time.  There is nothing exotic on offer here, just your typical breakfast selection but they DO have a large selection.  Mr Arr managed to find us a table and the lady on the next table gave us the menu - we were set.  Unfortunately, we had to go up to the counter to order...there was a line which ended at the entrance but luckily we weren't overly hungry this morning.  Oh and you can only pay with cash!
Selection of cakes and panini

Our order:
Moi - Big breakfast $19.50 plus cherry blossom tea $4.20
Miss Em - Tomato and bacon on ciabatta $8.50 plus latte
Mr Arr - Eggs benedict $15.50 plus long mac
Miss Pi - Roma tomato and avocado on ciabatta $8.50 with a side of mushrooms $3.50 plus green tea $4.20
Mr Kay - Bacon and egg muffin $8.50 plus iced coffee

Being half asleep this morning...I forgot to note down the prices for

Food and presentation - 3.5/5
Everyone was happy with their food, it's pretty hard to stuff up breakfast!  Amazingly, I did not have any complaints about my food except for a couple of green stains on my bread (Mr Arr assured me it wasn't mould).  The food wasn't anything to rave about, it was just so, however I was glad to NOT find a pool of oil on my plate when I finished.  

Roma tomato and avocado on ciabatta $8.50 with a side of mushrooms $3.50
Eggs benedict $15.50
Tomato and bacon on ciabatta $8.50
Big breakfast $19.50
Bacon and egg muffin $8.50
My cherry blossom tea smelled nice and was quite good, Miss Em and Mr Arr didn't really comment on their drinks (I was a bit disappointed with the presentation - what no coffee art?), Miss Pi said her green tea was like any other green tea and Mr Kay was happy with his iced coffee.  No complaints for the drinks department.
Tea for 1 $4.20

Iced coffee
Service - 2.5/5
First thing I notice at Atomic was that not one of the staff had a smile on their face - maybe because it was really busy?  I suppose they were all working very hard...but even the girl at the counter taking orders did not smile though she wasn't rude.  

Chipped teapot...
Drinks came out about 5 minutes after we placed our order and the food came out within 20 minutes - tick.  BUT, unfortunately they mixed up our drinks order - the waiter brought out the teas (the spout on our teapots were chipped) for Miss Pi and I first, then the iced coffee and "latte" and lastly he brought out another latte.  When we informed him we were actually waiting for a long mac he says "oh yeah, I stuffed up, that ("latte") was the long mac." By which time Miss Em had already started adding sugar to what she thought was her latte.  There was no apologies and no offer to fix the problem which was disappointing.  Luckily for the waiter Mr Arr and Miss Em didn't make a fuss.

When we finished our breakfast, we queried the waiter (different to drinks waiter) about the green stains on my bread and he informed us that it was avocado (Mr Arr was right!) but he wasn't overly friendly... 

Atomosphere - 3/5
The seating was comfortable and it did not feel too crowded eventhough the place was packed.  The lack of joy on the faces of the staff made the atmosphere a bit sad.  As it was so packed and there was a constant stream of people coming in and out, it didn't feel very relaxing which is usually a nice feeling to have when going out for breakfast.

Value for money - 3/5
The prices are comparable to other breakfast places in town so it's reasonably priced for Perth standards.

I probably wouldn't come back to Atomic anytime soon - the food was fine but they need to improve their service.

Taste Test Total Score 12/20
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