Saturday, 7 January 2012

Onyesha Spa Pinelake

Tel: 9306 8335

This beautiful Saturday afternoon, I went to taste test Onyesha Spa Pinelake and I can tell you already that I am willing to drive all the way back up there again! The spa is located in the middle of nowhere and as soon as you enter the establishment it feels like you've left Perth behind - it's surrounded by big pine trees and is very picturesque.

Ms Cee, Ms Aitch, Ms Ee and I booked our "A Taste of Paradise" spa package for $179 each in November - it was a promotion they had advertised on their website.  The package includes: a mini facial, a back, neck and shoulder massage, a choice of foot or scalp massage and high tea!  Needless to say we were all looking forward to this day and we were not disappointed.  As soon as we arrived, we were asked to fill out a form with personal details, medical history, etc then we were asked to wait in the garden for our therapists. Our therapists introduced themselves and then lead us to the area where we were to have our treatment and it was amazing - it overlooked a lake with a gazebo in the middle, Miss Ee and I had our treatment outdoors and Ms Cee and Ms Aitch indoors.

We were asked to fill our mind with happy thoughts, shuffle some cards and pick one out (without looking) before it started -  I picked "surrender".  I am still not sure of the purpose but I suspect it was the essential oils they used when they asked us to take three deep breaths in through our nose and out through our mouth.  The back, neck and shoulder massage was the first item on the menu, my therapist started massaging me and then asked me whether the pressure was ok (bonus points) and continued - she was fantastic! Pressure was perfect and she got all the knots out, I felt so light afterwards.  After the massage came the mini facial - it was the typical cleanse, scrub and mask - whilst the mask was on she gave me a scalp massage and that just sent me to sleep, it was awesome!  Once our mask was off, we put our clothes back on and went back to the garden for our high tea.

We had a choice of tea: honey and licorice, lemongrass and ginger, cherry blossom green tea and there was one more which I have unfortunately forgotten...(fail!)...Ms Cee, Miss Ee and I chose the cherry blossom green tea and Miss Aitch chose the honey and licorice.  We were not sure what to expect with the high tea but we were impressed with the serving when it came out (the photo shows one of two identical stands).  The teas were very nice, the food however could be better.  Of course, this being a day spa, I wasn't expecting top notch food but I would've been a happier camper if the savoury food was at least warm, the taste was not bad though.  All four of us were nice and relaxed after our treatment and chatted away as we devoured the high tea in the beautiful garden of Onyesha.  We also met the owner Ed, who came to clear our table (because his wife had the day off apparently) - he was friendly and chatty.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Onyesha Spa Pinelake to anyone who wants to be pampered and get away from the stress of the city.

Taste (food): 3.5/5
Presentation (of food and the day spa): 4/5
Service: 5/5
Atmosphere: 5/5