Thursday, 12 January 2012

Akheele on Colin

Tel: 9485 2000

Akheele on Colin is tucked away in the West End Village complex on Colin St.  We decided to go there for a celebratory lunch for Mrs Es who is expecting her first baby and therefore leaving us to slave away at work without her and also because our usual haunt was still closed after Christmas and New Year!  We had all heard of this cafe because another pregnant colleague had her celebratory lunch there but none of us went so had no idea it is situated where Citrus Cafe once stood.

I went in to ask for a table and although they were busy and quote "usually always booked out" - they managed to find a table for us.  The seats are located outside and feels like you're in a nice garden alfresco, nice and relaxing.  Unlike many cafes around West Perth, Akheele offered a table service.

Pad thai chicken chickens with BBQ mushroom, spinach, tomato & coriander salad $17

Mrs Es ordered the pad thai chicken skewers which she was pleased with, the chicken wasn't overcooked and the taste was great.  Mrs Em had the herbed crumbed chicken breast and said 

"the chicken is cooked to perfection, there is just the right amount of pesto and the herbed crumbed is delicious."

Herbed crumbed chicken breast, crushed potato, rocket & salsa verde $19

Miss Lea chose the duck shanks, it was a bit messy to eat but delicious all the same.

BBQ duck shanks with a sambal, chestnut & shitake mushroom salad & hoisin dipping sauce $17

Miss Zed, Mrs Arr and I ordered the pumpkin aracini balls.  The three of us agreed that they were tasty but Miss Zed and I thought the crumb was a bit salty.  Neither Miss Zed or Mrs Arr complained about the salad but I thought they put a bit too much oil on it, my rocket was seriously drenched in oil.

Pumpkin aracini with toasted almond, rocket & parmesan $14

Our waitress came a few times and asked how our food was, she was polite and friendly.  When it was time to pay, Shane the director (that's what his business card said) gave us his business card and advised us to book next time.

Food: 3.5/5
Presentation: 3.5/5
Atmosphere: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Taste Test Total Score: 14/20

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