Thursday, 23 January 2014

Izakaya Sakura Japanese Restaurant

Tonight's dinner was a welcome back catch up for FH who had just returned from her trip to Hong Kong and Japan, lucky! We had actually wanted to utilise the Entertainment Book but there weren't any restaurants located centrally that we wanted to try so I suggested Izakaya Sakura Japanese Restaurant which I had been once before with hubby and was pretty impressed with the authentic and tasty Japanese fare.

I had been wanting to go back to Izakaya Sakura but I had not had much luck as it was either closed or full the last couple of times I wanted to go, so I made sure I booked a table for us all this Wednesday night at 6:30pm. They were already pretty busy when we arrived but we were seated quickly. The menus were already on the table as place mats but was different to the menu offered when I last dined there.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Bistro Guillaume

Happy birthday RN!

Tonight we had a cosy birthday celebration for RN at Bistro Guillaume.  This was my second time there and I did not go with much expectations because it was so average the first time, but, I thought I'll give them a second chance but more importantly my two pregnant girlfriends were able to have most of the dishes on the menu.

Bistro Guillaume being situated at The Crown complex is one of those restaurants you need to book. On a Saturday night they do two seatings, one at 5:30pm but you need to leave by 8pm and the other at 8:30pm but you can stay until they close. We opted the 8:30pm session.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Six Senses Thai Restaurant

Tonight was my first outing in 2014 with a couple of my favourite ladies, HS and LD, who I haven't seen properly since before my trip to the USA and Canada. I was oncall for work this week so decided on Six Senses Thai Restaurant because it was close to work so I can quickly duck out and come back again if I get called. 

I have walked past this restaurant on numerous occasions but I have never been in. When I arrived, HS and LD were already sitting there waiting because I got called back to work before dinner, boo! Well I guess the good thing was that there was already a bottle of water on the table and an ice bucket with the wine sitting inside ready to go.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Elmar's in the Valley

Happy new year! May your 2014 be filled with lots of amazing food, great company and endless laughter! Do you have a new year's resolution? If you do, good luck! My new year's resolution is obviously not to go on a diet because I already failed by going out for lunch with my family today. We didn't feel like going for dim sum so decided on Elmar's in the Valley in Henley Brook for some German cuisine.

Happy New Year

Happy new year!

A new year to most means new resolutions, new plans, new goals, new beginnings or just new something, for me it means a new restaurant rating scales with explanations! Is that sad or exciting? I'm not sure but here goes.