Sunday, 22 September 2013

Hangout Bar N Cafe

My second breakfast today was with MK, SS, RC and PL at the Hangout Bar N Cafe.  It's located on the commercial strip of Preston St in Como and it was not only easy to find the cafe, it was easy to find parking.  Yay!

I was the last one to arrive so I weaved my way in without the waitstaff noticing.  It took a while to make up our mind and also a while to get a wait staff to take our order. 

Our order
  • Moi & PL - Baked Eggs (baked eggs on mixed beans and chorizo in our house special sauce served with toasted brioche) x 2 $32 ($16 each)
  • RC & SS - Big and Tall (eggs (your way), minute steaks, rashers of bacon, chipolatas, sauteed cherry tomatoes and mushrooms served with toasted brioche; all washed down with a glass of juice) x 2 $40 ($20 each)
  • MK - Honey Glazed Bacon (1 inch cut grilled bacon glazed with honey served on toast, with poached eggs, fresh avocado and habanero sauce) $17

As we were waiting for our food, we noticed a couple of cakes being returned from a table and we began to worry.

Food and presentation - 3.5/5
Fortunately, the food at Hangout Bar N Cafe was not bad.  Nothing special but the breakfast served it's purpose.  They might want to work on the presentation of some of their dishes though, however  we were all happy with our brekky.  MK was kind enough to let me sample a bit of her maple syrup bacon and it was quite nice .  I found my baked eggs a bit too saucy and there wasn't enough brioche to mop up the sauce but it was nice. On a side note, I do like how they served their drinks.
Baked Eggs $17
Big and Tall $20
Honey Glazed Bacon $17
Apple Juice
Service - 3.5/5
The staff were friendly and helpful.  They were a bit hard to get the attention of at the beginning as it was quite busy but they became more attentive later on as it quietened down.

Atmosphere - 3.5/5
Nice and relaxed.  I liked their bright walls, the lights and their air condition vents which they painted orange.
Value for money - 3.5/5
Prices are comparable to similar style cafes.

Wouldn't mind returning for another meal but not rushing back.

Taste Test Total Score 14/20

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