Friday, 7 June 2013

Fuku Omakase and Teppanyaki

Fuku Omakase and Teppanyaki has been on my list of restaurants to try but I had not made my way there yet as I was saving it for a special occasion.  However, I ended up checking it out tonight as I was invited to blog about the restaurant.  I was exciting because this was a first for me.

Fuku is owned by the same people as Tsunami Japanese Restaurant which is right next door.  Fuku means fortune, luck or blessing in Japanese.

The menus at Fuku changes regularly and there are four menus to choose from.  The first being a 'walk-in' menu (or make-your-own (MYO) menu) for $75, where you get to choose 5 dishes out of a pre-set list.  The 'good' menu at $100 includes 4 dishes, the 'better' menu at $135 includes 8 dishes and the 'best' menu at $220 includes 10 dishes with one of the dishes being crayfish.  We were served the $135 'better' menu tonight as well as tastings of 3 different sakes.

Our menu
  • Kawa Ebi and sun dried crispy nori sheet
  • Small morsels (otsumami) - tempura oyster with ginger salsa, smoked wagyu with sesame dressing, marinated fish and octopus and tempura soba noodles
  • Sashimi - salmon, tuna, prawn, snapper wrapped around Japanese pickle
  • Quail - barbequed and wrapped in a light pancake
  • Scallop, prawn and crispy prawn head with uni butter
  • Fish of the day
  • Wagyu (full blood) sirloin steak Mayura Station grade 9+, Friend rice with wagyu flavour
  • Yuzu Cheesecake, Chocolate drink and Mountain Peach

  • Harusjika Sakura - Imanishi Kiyobe Sake
  • Koshino Homare Nami Sake
  • Tsukasa Botan Hana Sake
  • Tropical Paradise - lychee based cocktail (non alcoholic)

Needless to say I was excited but I'm not going to be biased!

Food and presentation - 4/5
The food at Fuku ranged from average to amazing.  Although I didn't come to Fuku with any expectations, it's usually nice to start with an amazing or capturing dish, however the first two dishes, the Kawa Ebi and the small morsels, were unexciting and dampened my excitement slightly.  Don't get me wrong, it was nice but nothing special, amazing or captivating.  When the sashimi came out I was happier because the fish were so fresh, sweet and melted in your mouth.  The tuna was really fresh and you don't find that very often at Japanese restaurants.  The snapper wrapped around the Japanese pickle was an interesting combination - the sweetness of the fresh snapper and the sour taste of the pickle tantalised my taste buds, I enjoyed it.

Kawa Ebi and sun dried crispy nori sheet
Small morsels (otsumami)
From here onwards, the food just kept getting better.  The quail was prepared by roasting on a barbeque, then it was wrapped in a light pancake with tomato and cucumber and served with a black pepper sauce on the side.  The quail was perfectly cooked, still slightly pink, very tender and very tasty.
The next dish was the scallop, prawn and crispy prawn head cooked with uni (sea urchin) butter.  I love sea urchin but unfortunately it is very hard to find fresh sea urchin at Perth restaurants.  The taste of the uni butter really made the dish and of course being Asian, crispy prawn heads are most welcomed.  I wanted more!
Scallop, prawn and crispy prawn head
The fish of the day was red emperor which was very fresh and perfectly cook.  It was served with a mini eggplant which I have never seen before and looked like a mushroom (I wasn't the only customer fascinated by this eggplant).  The fish was finished with a yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit) sauce which I found a bit overpowering after a few bites.  The last dish before dessert was the wagyu beef and fried rice which was amazing.  I requested my wagyu to be served medium; it was a melt in your mouth moment and the garlic flakes just completed it.
Fish of the day
Wagyu sirloin steak
Fried rice with wagyu flavour
Dessert was average but definitely interesting.  It took a few bites before I became accustomed to the yuzu flavoured cheesecake and I'm still unsure whether I liked it or not.  The wasabi whipped cream went well with the cheesecake but I wasn't sure how well the chocolate drink blended in.  I liked the dessert, I think?
Yuzu Cheesecake, Chocolate drink and Mountain Peach
My stand out dishes were the scallop, prawn and crispy prawn head, the quail and the wagyu beef.  Yum!
Our sakes
Service - 4/5
Our waiter and the only waiter in the restaurant was great - he was friendly, topped up our water and sake at regular intervals and served us our dishes once the chef placed the dish on the benchtop in front of us.  However, I do think they need an extra wait staff because most times we ended up taking the dish down ourselves as our waiter didn't get to us fast enough.  It didn't bother us but for a restaurant of this calibre it would have been nice.  

Atmosphere - 5/5
How can you not love dining at a teppanyaki restaurant?  The excitement of watching the chef prepare your dishes in front of you and mesmerising you with fire displays, circus tricks and a beating fried rice heart, it's awesome.  I took heaps of videos but you need to go and experience it yourself but here's a sneak peak of what you can expect. 


I loved that the restaurant only seats 16 people because it feels so much cosier and the service is more personal.  I also loved the décor especially the sake wall display.
Value for money - 4/5
Yes, it is expensive but I think it is worth the money for the quality ingredients they use for their dishes and for the entertainment value.

I'll like to say a big thank you to Mr Milan Rai (Events Manager for Fuku and Tsunami) for inviting my hubby and I to taste test Fuku Omakase and Teppanyaki.  It was definitely a fun experience and we will happily return.

Taste Test Total Score 17/20

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