Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Office on Harrogate

RW is going to be a dad tomorrow so LD and I decided to take him out for lunch to celebrate the fast approaching new chapter of his life.  We decided to check out The Office on Harrogate as we heard from our workmate how amazing their coffee is and how awesome their breakfast looked.

If you don't work or live around the area, you definitely won't know about The Office on Harrogate yet because it  is tucked away in a quiet pocket of West Leederville.  However, I think the locals have all heard about it because when we arrived just after 12:30pm, there was already a long line at the counter with more people rushing in behind us.

Their menu was written on a wall blackboard, so I presume it changes regularly.  Although not many choices, all three of us kept changing our minds about what we wanted to order but finally made our decision at the counter...

Our order
Moi & RW - Lamb, roast veg & cheddar wrap x 2 $20 ($10 each)
LD - Lamb shank vege broth $8.50

Food and presentation - 3.5/5
Both RW and I agreed that the lamb wrap was pretty tasty and was just enough to satisfy our hunger.  LD really liked her soup but it wasn't quite enough to fill her up, although the chunks of lamb and vegetables looked really good.

Lamb, roast veg & cheddar wrap $10
Lamb shank vege broth $8.50
Service - 3.5/5
The food came out quickly, I think the longest wait for us was our wait in line to order our food.  All the staff were friendly and had a smile on their face, which is always a big plus for me.

Atmosphere - 3.5/5
I really liked their décor.  It was simple and refreshing.  The place was busy but we were still able to have a relaxing lunch.

Value for money - 4/5
Prices, quality and atmosphere are definitely better than some of the competitors around the area.

Happy to say, I've found a new option for lunch!  Will definitely be back with more workmates.

Taste Test Total Score - 14.5/20

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