Sunday, 5 May 2013

Bos Taurus

 I've wanted to try Bos Taurus since it first opened, located where Caffe Martino used to be, it's a welcome change.  Everytime I've walked or driven past Bos Taurus, it lures me to look at this mysterious, dark place and each and everytime I had already been booked elsewhere.  So for our Saturday date night, hubby and I decided to waltz in at 7pm, hoping that we would be able to get a table.  They were not very busy at that time and we were seated quite quickly.

The first thing we noticed as we stepped into Bos Taurus is the classy, sophisticated décor.  I love leather chesterfield sofas and they have used them in the lounge area as you enter and also in the dining room, lining the wall.  As well as the sofas, I also love their light bulbs with the funky filament.

Bos Taurus market themselves as a grill, bar and lounge and they are just that.  The menu is a selection of grilled dishes - the entrées were all either skewers or oven baked,  their mains consists of steak, steak and more steak with one dish each of pork, lamb, chicken and prawn for those who don't want to have steak.

Our order
Moi - Eye fillet 200g with black pepper sauce $36
Hubby - Scotch fillet 300g with garlic sauce $35

Mashed potatoes $6
Chargrilled vegetables $9

Food and presentation - 4/5
The steak was really good!  Not the best steak ever but it was definitely up there.  My eye fillet was nice and tender, cooked perfectly medium and hubby's scotch fillet was a perfect medium-rare, although not as tender.  I really liked their black pepper sauce, it was delicious.  Hubby was happy with his garlic sauce but we both agreed the black pepper sauce won. The chargrilled vegetables were also really good, they have brushed some sort of marinade on it before chargrilling.

Complimentary bread

Eye fillet 200g with black pepper sauce $36

Chargrilled vegetable $9 and Mashed potatoes $6

Scotch fillet 300g with garlic sauce $35
 Service - 4/5
The wait staff were not only professional but also helpful and friendly.  This is most impressive as service in Perth restaurants is generally quite woeful.  Our waitress was gorgeous with a lovely European accent but most importantly she was professional, friendly and able to recommend a good red wine tailored to my taste.  Complimentary fresh, warm bread is always welcomed.

Atmosphere - 4/5
Classy, sophisticated but also cool.  The music was perfect for the atmosphere and not too loud.  The tables were set a good distance from each other and even when it was full, it was easy to continue our conversation without the need to shout at each other across the table.  A great place for a romantic dinner but also for a friendly group catch up.

 Value for money - 3.5/5
Not cheap but better quality than those places charging either the same price or more for the same dishes.

Next time I want a good steak, I will be there.

Taste Test Total Score 15.5/20

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