Sunday, 21 April 2013

Volcanic Stone Grill and Cafe

Saturday morning 10:30am, we were on our way to  Northbridge for breakfast but with the traffic banked up, we decided to detour to East Perth.  Toast and The Partisan were full (which we expected but thought we'll try our luck), so we ventured into Volcanic Stone Grill and Cafe, a place we walked past along the way.
Volcanic Stone Grill and Café looked like any normal café from the outside but inside it was mishmash of peach wallpaper, chandeliers, a see-through fridge (so you can see their numerous loaves of bread...), ripped chair covers, amongst other things.  We were a handed copy of the menu by the staff from behind the counter and found our own seat.  Their menus needed replacing and/or a clean.  They had a wide selection for breakfast but it was all your stock standard dishes.
Our order
Moi - Bacon and egg sandwich served with tomato relish $7.50
Hubby - Full breakfast (fried, poached or scrambled egg with your choice of bacon or smoked salmon served with hash brown, sausages, sautéed mushrooms, grilled tomato and toast) $18
When hubby was ordering, I remembered that we did not check Urbanspoon as we were both way too hungry, I was devastated when I saw the percentage that like them but it was already too late...
Food and presentation - 2/5
I didn't think you can stuff up breakfast but obviously you can.  I would've been happier with a McDonald's breakfast or even better, cooking my own fry up.  Their hash brown was drenched in oil, the sausages were of poor quality and their bread was a bit stale.  It was edible but I don't want to have to go through that again.

Bacon and egg sandwich served with tomato relish $7.50

Full breakfast $18
 Service - 2/5
Orders are taken and paid for at the counter but they do bring out your food.  Service was nothing above and beyond.  Took points off because they didn't ask hubby whether he wanted smoke salmon with the full breakfast when it is clearly stated as an option on the menu.
Atmosphere - 2.5/5
Our table was next to the window so we could watch the passers-by which was nice but the general atmosphere of the café was ordinary.
Value for money - 2/5
Their prices are comparable to other breakfast places but the quality is not acceptable.
We will not be going back.
Taste Test Total Score 8.5/20
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