Sunday, 14 April 2013

Ingredient Tree

What better way to spend Saturday afternoon than with your girlfriends!  It's been a while since MK, RL, PL, TW and I had a catch up so I was looking forward to our lunch at Ingredient Tree.

I had not heard of Ingredient Tree before but MK suggested we go there because she was impressed the last few times she was there.  Located in the middle of a residential area, you really can't miss it as you drive along Herdsman Parade.

Ingredient Tree is actually both a shop and a café so you're essentially eating in the middle of a food shop.  They sell international and locally sourced ingredients such as flour, pasta, sauces, etc.  It was refreshing and the most important thing - they do all day breakfast!

Our order
Moi & TW - Salmon special x 2 $38 ($19 each)
RL & PL - French toast x 2 $34 ($17 each)
MK - Noble persons lunch (hand cut free range ham, house pickled vegetables, Camembert wedge, cornichons, pancetta and organic sourdough) $16

Food and presentation - 4/5
The food at Ingredient Tree was great.  Fresh, simple food made from quality ingredients that's tasty, what more can you ask for.  The servings were big and we were struggling to finish, but no matter how full we are we always share the love and have a taste of each other's dish, all of which were really good.

Salmon Special $19
French Toast $17
Noble persons lunch $16

Service - 3/5
No complaints about the service but nothing to rave about either.  The staff were polite - they took our order, brought us water and our food and then cleared the table when we finished. 

Atmosphere - 4/5
I liked the artificial grass at the front with the funky chairs and table, the big noughts and crosses board and the decorations around the shop and café in general.  Ingredient Tree is a cute shop/café and a great place to chill out with family, friends or by yourself.

 Value for money - 4/5
I thought Ingredient Tree was good value especially when you compare it to other cafes.  Fresh, good quality and decent sized servings.

Already planning my next visit.

Taste Test Total Score 15/20

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