Monday, 8 April 2013

Gordon St Garage

It was our monthly tai tai lunch today and as usual JL chose the restaurant from her long list of restaurants to try.  For those who are wondering what tai tai means, it's a Chinese term we use to describe married women with or without children who go out for high tea, brunches, facials, day spas, etc whilst their husbands slave away making money to pay for those luxuries.  Of course, we are taking the mickey - we all work as hard as our husbands thank you very much! 

Gordon St Garage is tucked away on a quiet street in West Perth.  It was hard to find street parking around the area but there is a car park at the rear of the restaurant which you need to enter from Coolgardie Street.

We arrived at 11:30am and it was still packed from breakfast and as you can't book we had to wait.  Amazingly, we did not have to wait very long, maybe around 10 minutes.  Once we sat down, our waitress explained to us that this was the awkward changeover period from breakfast to lunch, so we could only order starters or pizzas until such time.  We had actually decided on a salad each but it was another 30 minutes before we could order lunch so we ordered the garage antipasto to fill the gap.

The garage antipasto arrived and it was quite decent in size and by the time we could order lunch,  JL, PP and I were already full and ready for dessert.  AD, however wanted something more substantial so ordered a main whilst we pondered over what to have for dessert.

Our order
The garage antipasto $28

AD - Wood-fired spiced spatchcock, corn and coriander relish $32

Moi - Chocolate and sour cherry mousse $10
JL - Coconut panna cotta pineapple mousse and gingerbread $10
PP - Mixed Berry Tart $12

Food and presentation - 3.5/5
The garage antipasto wasn't our cup of tea - the chutney was nice, the cold meats were just so, the cheese was not to our taste (not sure what type of cheese it was, it looked like brie/camembert but tasted a bit like blue cheese?), the smoked salmon wasn't bad but overall we didn't really take a fancy to it.  AD's spatchcock and relish on the other hand was very nice and we all concurred that their desserts were awesome!  When JL and I went to check out the dessert cabinet, one of the waiters told us that their patisserie chef is from London and that we won't find the same desserts elsewhere.  The presentation of all their dishes were nothing fancy but I loved their plates!

The garage antipasto $28

Wood-fired spiced spitchcock, corn and coriander relish $32

Chocolate and sour cherry mousse $10

Coconut panna cotta pineapple mousse and gingerbread $10

Mixed berry tart $12

Dessert Selection
Service - 4/5
The place was massive and extremely busy so it was hard to get a wait staff when we wanted one and our food also took a bit longer than expected to arrive (that was ok because we were busy catching up).  The waitress that served us majority of the time was really friendly, polite and had a good sense of humour.  Our water was refilled automatically (yay!) whenever we leave the water jug at the end of the table and it was done without us having to ask them.

Atmosphere - 4/5
Hip is the first word that came to mind.  A massive garage/warehouse which has been converted into a coffee bar/kitchen with funky décor and wait staff to complete the package.


Value for money - 3.5/5
Prices are a bit more expensive than your average lunch but we didn't actually eat much so it ok.  However, you get to enjoy it all amongst the coolness which is Gordon St Garage. 

Will definitely be back to try the rest of the dessert!

Taste Test Total Score 15/20

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