Saturday, 12 January 2013

Hanami Japanese Restaurant

 It was Saturday night date night and we decided to go to Hanami, a Japanese restaurant we go to now and again when we want decent Japanese food that isn't too expensive. Hanami is almost always busy so it's definitely a good idea to book a table before hand or risk getting turned away. I booked a table for 2 at around 4:30pm that day and was told I can have a table at 6pm as long as we leave by 7:30pm, which was fine with us.

I was pretty hungry that night so ordered a bit too much...

Our order
Edamame $4.90
Beef tataki $10.90
Medium assorted sashimi $24.90
Small assorted sushi $17.90
Hanami special salad $13.90
Miso soup x 2 $6 ($3 each)
Rice $2.50
Green tea x 2 $4 ($2 each)

Food & presentation 3.5/5
I've never had a bad meal at Hanami and tonight was no exception. Food is always fresh and tasty. If you are obsessed with Japanese salad dressing then I recommend their Hanami special salad with their secret recipe salad dressing. Their beef tataki is also pretty good albeit the tataki being drenched in sauce, the beef sliced a little thick for tataki and  a bit too much vinegar but overall it's good. Lastly, a comment about their sushi, it is always freshly prepared but the size of the sushi is humongous.  Not the best Japanese food in town but good for a non-fine dining restaurant.

Edamame $4.90
Hanami special salad $13.90
Medium assorted sashimi $24.90
Beef Tataki $10.90
Small assorted sushi $17.90

Service 3.5/5
Like most Asian style restaurants they are understaffed - always very busy but not enough staff to serve. Tea refills or getting a waitress to serve you after you've placed your order is quite a mission. However, when you do finally get a waitress they are always friendly and keen to help.

Atmosphere 3.5/5
Simple with a Japanese touch, however the table arrangement is not ideal and their chairs are not exactly comfortableGenerally quite noisy and crowded.

Value for money 3.5/5
Not the cheapest Japanese food around but servings are decent in size for the price at a restaurant of this calibre.

Taste Test Total Score 14/20

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