Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Precinct

Tel: 9355 2880

 This frrreeeezzing Saturday morning at 8am, hubby and I picked up Mrs Gee from her car service to go grab some breakfast before visiting Mrs YM and her new bubs.  I had my mind set on The Imp but surprise, surprise they were full.  I remembered walking past The Precinct a couple of nights ago with hubby so decided to give it a go.  We walked in and found out that they didn't serve breakfast until 9am!  With 30 minutes to spare, it was a decision of should we stay or should we go?  Hubby knowing that I really wanted to try The Precinct said we should stay and have drinks and maybe a muffin (if we're hungry) until 9am. 

There wasn't too much to choose from on the menu, the descriptions weren't particularly enticing but it was refreshing (not your stock standard breakfast choices).  We ordered our drinks and a muffin to start with and when 9am came we ordered our breakfast (all hot breakfasts because it was frrreeezzing!).  

Our order
2 x Lattes
1 x Green tea
1 x Today's muffin $4.50
1 x Green eggs and ham, confit tomatoes $18
1 x Slow cooked eggs, soft polenta, confit tomatoes $16
1 x Breakfast cassoulet, beans, slow cooked eggs, pork $20

Food and presentation - 4/5
The taste and presentation of our breakfast exceeded my expectations.  The food was fresh and tasty, different blends of flavours and combinations to keep breakfast interesting.  Presentation was funky which is definitely something to commend the chefs at The Precinct for.  The few times I've had green eggs at various other places, it was pretty much green scrambled eggs and some bits and pieces on the side but at The Precinct, green eggs just became more interesting (see the photo!).  The slow cooked eggs were a bit runny for me but cooked perfectly if you like your eggs "just" cooked.

Slow cooked eggs, soft polenta, confit tomatoes $16
Green eggs and ham, confit tomatoes $18
Breakfast cassoulet, beans, slow cooked eggs, pork $20
Service - 3.5/5
When we arrived at The Precinct, the waiter and waitress at the front were friendly and welcoming.  Our waitress was attentive and came to ask us if things were ok periodically and she came to take our breakfast order at 9am on the dot.  A bottle of water accompanied us to the table as soon as we sat down and the food came out in a timely fashion (they weren't very busy at that time).  However, as breakfast came to an end, a gentleman who I assumed is the manager (he had that manager look) came to clear our table, I tried to make conversation by asking how long they've been open, etc - he answered my questions but we could tell he didn't really want to speak to us.  When we went up to pay, he was just not interested at all, no polite words to welcome us back next time, bit of a turn off after a nice breakfast.

Atmosphere - 4/5
Decor was cool, stylish and seating was comfortable enough but they need a heater!

Value for money - 3.5/5
I love going out for breakfast but it's expensive for what you get.  At least at The Precinct, the presentation and the unconventional menu made it more worth the price.

Will probably go back to try lunch and/or dinner.

Taste Test Total Score 15/20
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