Saturday, 14 April 2012

Meeka Restaurant

Tel: 9381 1800

 It's been a while since I last caught up with Mrs Em and Mrs Kae and tonight along with Miss Zed and Miss Fi, we finally had our catch up session!  Mrs Kae suggested we try Middle Eastern food and remembering Mr El recommending Meeka Restaurant, I decided we should check it out.  Meeka Restaurant isn't actually a Middle Eastern restaurant (I found out after making the decision) but a modern Australia restaurant with Moroccan influence.  At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter what type of food Meeka Restaurant serves, all that matters is the the company and the quality of the food.

The menu at Meeka Restaurant was interesting and there was enough on offer without causing confusion.  What I love about their menu is that they have a glossary at the back which is such a great idea!  This saves time because I don't need to Google it or ask the wait staff (who sometimes look at you like you're an idiot!).  Although the menu shouldn't take long to read, it took us forever to decide as we were trying to catch up on each other's lives whilst looking at the menu.  We finally opted to share entrees, mains and tajines because we wanted to leave room to try the interesting array of desserts.

Our order

Mezze plate for 2 (Avocado and harissa dip, Turkish bread, macerated olives, grilled chorizo sausage, lamb boreks with eggplant relish and baby corn and asparagus with harissa tarator) $29
Dates stuffed with goats feta, walnuts, proscuitto, lemon, thyme, wrapped in kataifi $15
Twice cooked spiced duck leg, roasted carrot almond puree, sauteed silverbeet, asparagus, dukkah, crusted gnocchi, sour cherry glaze $37
Grilled vegetable quinoa currant brik pastry parcel, sweet and sour eggplant, hommus yoghurt, pickled cucumber candied walnut herb salad $28
Tajines (served with labneh and Israeli couscous or quinoa)
Chicken koftas in a spicy tomato persian sauce, pomegranate eggplant relish, date labneh $30
Fresh seafood selection with tomato saffron galliano sauce, quinoa stuffed baby squid, preserved lime, green olives $37
Turkish delight stuffed doughnuts, rose spiced chocolate sauce, cardamon yoghurt parfait, Persian fairy floss x2 $28 ($14 each)
Wild fig soft cheese cigar, pistachio dust, salted caramel parfait, Turkish coffee syrup $14
Meringue, caramelised wild baby figs, almond white chocolate mousse, orange blossom curd $14
Raspberry white chocolate and coconut ice cream with Persian fairy floss $6

We ended up ordering too much as usual so dessert ended up being a chore to finish...

Food and presentation - 3.5/5
The food was tasty and well presented at Meeka Restaurant - I love the tajines, they're so pretty.  The stand out dishes for me were the stuffed dates and the spiced duck leg (the crusted gnocchi was awesome!).  The other dishes were also very nice but it wasn't anything spectacular.  I've never had a tajine before so didn't really know what to the food supposed to be just warm? The desserts were good, maybe even a little weird but the combinations of ingredients and flavours seemed to work.  I'd never think to stuff Turkish delights into a doughnut.

Mezze plate for 2 (back view) $29
Mezze plate for 2 (front view) $29
Stuffed dates $15
Twice cooked spiced duck leg $37
Grilled vegetable quinoa currant brik pastry parcel $28
Chicken koftas taijine $30
Seafood tajine $37
Couscous that came with tajine
Pretty tajine
Turkish delight stuffed doughnuts $14
Wild fig soft cheese cigar $14
Meringue $14
Raspberry white choc and coconut ice cream $6

Service - 4/5
The wait staff was friendly and the manager picked me out to be a blogger as soon as I sat down, is it that obvious?  Water was topped up on a regular basis, they asked us a few times how things were going, etc without being annoying and our dishes were served in a timely fashion.  Only complaint was when they gave us share plates my plate wasn't very clean, it had oil on it. 

Atmosphere - 4/5
Meeka Restaurant felt very welcoming and is a great place to catch up with friends.  It is very spacious and there are tajines scattered around the restaurant, Moroccan style lights and a very nice decorative fireplace which wasn't very photogenic.

Value for money - 3.5/5
The food is quite reasonably priced, however the mark up on the wines are a little excessive (I guess that goes for many restaurants). 

Will go back if my taste buds crave for Moroccan...

Taste Test Final Score 15/20
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