Saturday, 14 January 2012

Allegro Pizza

Tel: 9383 1347

Last night, I headed out for dinner with my family.  Dad had just returned from Hong Kong so we opted not to have Asian food and to try somewhere we haven't been to before.  We chose Allegro Pizza and it ended up being a good choice.

The bar
The building doesn't look very impressive but as soon as you step in it feels like you've stepped into a restaurant in Italy.  I managed to book the last table available for the night and it was located at the bar which was away from the main part of the restaurant - we didn't mind because it was quieter.  The table was big and comfortable but hard to get in and out.

We weren't sure how big the servings are so between 6 of us, we ordered some garlic bread, fettucini carbonara (bacon and mushroom in a cream sauce with egg), fettucini salciccia (hot Italian sausage with garlic and chilli), caesar salad and a family size pizza (16 slices).  We asked our waitress for pizza recommendations and she suggested we order half pescatore (squid, prawns, garlic, chilli, onions and anchovies) and half connada (chicken, avocado, onions, mushroom, sundried tomatoes and bbq sauce) on our family pizza.  She told us the amount we ordered should be enough.

Fettuccini Salciccia $23.50

Fettuccini Carbonara $21

Caesar sald $18

Our pastas and salad came out first (we asked for everything to come at the same time but there was a queue for pizza so our waitress asked if we would like our pastas first) and we were a bit disappointed with the size and wondered if we would actually get full...then our garlic bread and pizza came out...the pizza was huge!
Garlice bread $7

Family size pizza (16 slices) - half Pescatore/hald Connada $37.50
The pasta was fresh and the sauces were very tasty (the carbonara was quite authentic).  The salad was quite average, I've had better caesar salad.  We were not disappointed with the pizzas - the seafood on the pescatore was nice and fresh; the connada was also very tasty - we all preferred the pizza pescatore.  We were definitely full after our feast but still had enough room for a little bit of dessert.

Tart Tatin $7.50
The desserts available were quite simple but enticing - we ordered tiramisu, crepes de flambée (crepes flamed with liqueur) and tart tatin (upside down apple tart).  We waited for a long time for our desserts and when we asked our waitress she assured us that they were on their way.  Another 10 minutes or so passed and our waitress came and told us they had run out of tiramisu - we didn't order a replacement dessert.  Finally, our desserts came sans the tiramisu of course.  Our waitress flamed the crepes at the table - it was entertaining, however the crepes were a bit bitter (due to the liqueur) but it was nice with the accompany ice-cream.  The tart tatin was delicious - I wanted it all to myself -  the taste and texture was just perfect and was made even better with ice-cream.  The staff at Allegro are friendly, helpful and cheerful (bonus points) and our dessert was on the house due to our long wait and lack of tiramisu (extra bonus points!) - this is customer service Perth! Some restaurants need to learn.  

Overall, Allegro Pizza is a casual dining restaurant which I recommend and will happily return to for the food, atmosphere and great staff.  The prices are reasonable for what you get.

Food: 4/5
Presentation: 3.5/5
Atmosphere: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Taste Test Total Score: 15.5/20
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